Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Police Officer Who Stood Up for Liberty Explains the Backstory of What Happened After He Posted His Video

Here is police officer Greg Anderson explaining what went down after standing up for liberty and refusing to enforce the lockdown orders of the governor of the state of Washington


 Also see the original video: Police Officer FIRED for Telling Other Officers to Do What Is Right and Follow the Constitution



  1. Its encouraging that there is at least one person in law enforcement that understands their job is to defend citizens regardless of political mandates. And more encouraging that he has the support of some of his colleagues. Interesting to note that his Chief of Police informed him that if he can't support the state's governor he probably shouldn't be on the police force. This is a clear statement that government services are always controlled by politics and the governor is above the citizens rights as described by the Bill of Rights. The government is clearly an enemy of the people and should be abolished. Its structure incentivizes behavior that is destructive of human wealth and well being. This has proven true always and everywhere and the only rational response is its abolishment.

  2. We applaud your stance on these issues. And agree wholeheartedly!