Wednesday, May 6, 2020

On Government Power Freaks

Thanks for the mention from Daniel McAdams and Dr. Ron Paul on the great show, the Ron Paul Liberty Report (at the 20-minute mark).



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  1. Lesson learned from The Great Covid-19 Panic of 2020:
    The masses by and large have serious doubts and insecurities in their ability to make decisions, to think and reason, and to keep themselves safe, while simultaneously projecting their fearfulness and insecurity upon the rest of the population. They do this either through ignorance---assuming everybody is homogenous and share the same vices and weaknesses as they do---or out of resentment of and envy toward those displaying confidence, self-responsibility and individualism, and wish to bring these strong people down to their lower level. Government force is the convenient, expedient, "legal" means of achieving this egalitarianism, of knocking the legs out from others who are more virtuous and better off.