Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Now Vegas Goes COVID-19 Soft

This is sad.

It looks as though Las Vegas will be open in about a week, well sort of.

They are going to be social distancing in the city.

The El Cortez Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, reports The New York Times, will have tape on the floor at the craps tables to shows players where to stand to meet social-distancing requirements.

Players will no longer be able to touch the blackjack cards dealt them.

“The days of 16 people standing around the dice table high-fiving one another are over for now,” said Adam Wiesberg, the general manager of the El Cortez.

At least there is one sane voice in the city:

“Nobody comes to Vegas to spend time by themselves,” said Brian Labus, an assistant professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who is also a member of the medical advisory team for Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada. “It’s a place people come to be social with one another.”

You can blame the bizarre social distancing that will be implemented on the mini-tyrants who love to simultaneously run and destroy everything. They are in full operation in Vegas.

The Times reports:
Last week, Governor Sisolak signaled that casinos could reopen as early as June 4.
But guidelines issued this month by the Nevada Gaming Control Board limit capacity to 50 percent and require new cleaning and social-distancing policies. Casinos are now taking out slot machines — which can make up half of the gaming revenue at many establishments — and considering raising minimum bets at card tables. Regulators have capped capacity at three players a table for blackjack and four for poker.
And get a load of this madness (Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal)
 The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced restaurants inside casinos will be allowed to reopen during Phase One of the state’s COVID-19 recovery plan.

A notice to licensed gaming properties released....states that restaurants that meet industry-specific requirements set forth by Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office may reopen but must get confirmation from the board before they can do so.

According to the notice, the gaming property must confirm with the board “whether there is a separate entrance for the restaurant, apart from any entrance to the restaurant off the gaming floor.”

If not, the property has to explain how it will make sure patrons can enter the restaurant without crossing the gaming floor.

The same stipulation goes for restrooms. If there is no restroom inside a restaurant, the property must explain how it will ensure patrons can enter restrooms outside the restaurant without walking the gaming floor.

Don't the Vegas operators have any pull to stop this BS?

Meyer Lansky would know how to fix this.

Who the hell is going to want to go to Las Vegas if it is going to make you feel like you are in kindergarten with a teacher watching over you all day?

How do I buy stock in casino resorts in Mexico?


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  1. Not sure Mexican casinos are any better. Several acquaintances recently returned early from a vacation in Mexico because their shut-downs were more severe than those in the U.S. Perhaps you could find a place to build a covid-19-friendly casino. Belerus?