Saturday, May 9, 2020

Mark Cuban Goes Lonely Little Old Lady Snoop

Mark Cuban 
Mark Cuban hired a team of secret shoppers to see what businesses were compliant with government COVID-19 panic, power freak regulations.

He wrote on his blog:
I wanted to get an understanding of what opening meant to businesses around Dallas. Were they opening? What precautions were they taking? Were employees in safe environments? And bigger picture, I wanted to know if these are places that I would feel safe taking my family to.
So I hired a company that specialized in this type of project,, and asked them to let me know how Dallas businesses were responding to the Open Order for Texas.
Wow, it looks like Cuban has gone total "Believe Everything the Media Tells You."

So what did his hired snoopers find?

He reports (bold in original):
 Overall – 96% of businesses were non-compliant across all mandatory protocols and all locations. The extent of non-compliance is dramatic with ~1/3 of all locations being <50% compliant across mandatory protocols as established by the Governor’s office. The chart below breaks out the degree of compliance across mandatory compliance % buckets. 
He doesn't come out and say non-compliance is a bad thing but that implication is certainly there and you know what government power freaks are going to do with this kind of data. Whatsmore, it doesn't seem Cuban is going to stop:
We will do this again a couple more times so we can learn what the trends are and try to learn from it.
This is sad.

Why doesn't a guy like him put on a conference that really digs into the statistics and science behind the panic and whether lockdowns and the other "social distancing" regulations really make sense. I mean make it a serious conference where all sides are heard, including those such as Dr. Knut Wittkowski and the Stanford boys who think the panic and lockdown are just piles of coprolite.

Maybe Elon Musk will do it.



  1. This is very disappointing. Cuban seems to be a smart guy, but he seems to mix that with power freak, power hungry, NKVD tendencies. The NBA seems to be a haven for these kinds of people.

    On another note, I've listened to a few of Knut Wittkowski's YouTube videos and the guys is a "BOSS!" He really looks like he knows his stuff. He's measured, knowledgable, and matter of fact in his presentation without reverting to the ad hominem attacks that have been leveled at him.

  2. Cuban has communicated this type of thinking before. Once asked if he would run for president, he dodged the question and complained that president Trump was not doing enough regarding coronavirus.