Sunday, May 31, 2020

Government, Police, the Protests and Violence

At the post, Madness Around the Country, Enlightened Rogue writes:
As far as I'm concerned, The cops have been lame. I encourage them to start shooting!
So, Robert, we're supposed to sit back and watch our cities burned to the ground by communist rioters?
Are you really that clueless?
There is a lot to unpack here.

The reaction that Enlightened Rogue wants is exactly the response that the lefty anarchists want.

There is zero question that the most severe damage has been done by these anarchists. They want to see confrontation. Their goal is the destruction of society. Police shooting at the masses is what they want.

In  December 2014, I wrote:
Pretty much everyday since the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown, there have been protests in and around San Francisco, especially in the city of Oakland.

The turnout did dwindle, for awhile, from the size seen in the immediate nights surrounding the grand jury announcement, but it has intensified once again after an NYC grand jury failed to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the chokehold death of Eric Garner.

It is instructive to understand, who is taking part in these protests. The overwhelming majority are generally outraged over the police killings. This group includes students from nearby colleges, aging hippies and assorted northern California lefties.

However, there are two other groups that infiltrate these protests, who do not necessarily share the same outrage as the majority of protesters. One group can best be described as opportunists. They mix in with the crowd and appear to have identified in advance stores that they want to loot for the goods in them. They use the crowds as cover to get their dirty work done.

A recent target was a Smart & Final grocery store on Broadway in Oakland, where looters went for the large supply of liquor sold at the store. [UPDATE: Smart & Final has left downtown Oakland]

Foot Locker, in Oakland, which has been a target in the past of these opportunists, was boarded up in advance of the protests and remains boarded up even during the day, with only the door cracked open during operating hours. [UPDATE:Footlocker has left downtown Oakland]

But in addition to these opportunists, there is another group that infiltrates the protests, anarchists.

These are not Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists, who see problems with governments, banksters and the ruling elite, but see no problem with corporations operating in the private sector (who are not part of the elite). These are full-fledged tear down society anarchists, who believe the entire structure of society must be leveled, including corporations who operate in the private sector and have no strong ties to the government. 

A friend familiar with their thinking tells me that they believe that once the entire structure is torn down, out of the ashes, phoenix-like, a new wonderful society will emerge. Thus, they see their current role as being one of wreaking havoc to advance the collapse. And Oakland is a hotbed for these anarchists. 
It is these anarchists that are doing most of the burning and initial breaking in of stores.
The commenter is partly right. It was mostly whites but it was lefty anarchists, not white supremacists.

Let me put it this way: I know.

I talked yesterday to a gold dealer who was reboarding his store. He told me that his store was attacked last night and that it was by all whites dressed in black.

After he told me that, I showed him something. He looked at it and was shocked.

His question to me was: "How did you get that?"

Unfortunately, I can't publish what I have (It would blow my sources cover and put his life in danger) but, let me just say this, I am confident it is lefty anarchists that are doing the damage.

That said, it is not difficult to spot these guys. I mean, it was a black protest, there are some older white lefties in the crowd and some white college kids but they are taunting police. They are not around buildings that have been broken into and torched.

Trump is close to having this right, he says it is ANTIFA. They are probably part of it but there are probably other lefty groups.

It is clear that in Oakland, and this goes for other cities, the obvious targets were not protected.

The police really just chased the masses of protesters around in circles and shot tear gas at them, leaving the lefty anarchists free to do their work.

There is so much that could have been done to take these characters out of the picture that wasn't done that it just emphasizes the incompetence of government.

The last thing I want is these government clowns to "just start shooting."

What you are going to get is more of this: Minneapolis National Guard Shooting Rubber Bullets at People On Their Own Porches.

In these situations, you really have to protect yourself. Letting the police loose will own be a clampdown on law-abiding citizens. Lefties, gangbangers and urban primitives are not going to follow the rules.

I have two friends who have businesses in the downtown Oakland area, they both took different approaches but they knew what to do to protect their businesses. This stuff is not complicated once you stop thinking like a bureaucrat who thinks more regulations and more government of any kind is the solution.

The country is shaking right now. It is because of government. The lockdowns across the nation did not play just a small role. You have people locked-down for months and the first chance they are allowed out, especially youth, they are going to run wild. Then you have the much more sophisticated radical "burn everything down" anarchist lefties. They study police vulnerabilities (Note: not hard to find).

The response from government will be more crackdowns, which will result in more blowback.

The only real solution is for libertarians to point out that government is the problem and that less government is the only answer. It should never be to call for more government or more "efficient" government.

Governments do not play the freedom game. It is about gaining and consolidating power with them.

We should never, ever, call for more government.

Government has brought us very close to the brink of collapse.

If we encourage government police to shoot more, they will eventually start shooting at us.

It is a very unstable time, we should be spending a lot of time thinking about options for survival not calling for more government action that may ultimately limit our options and flexibility when we may need it most.



  1. "Problem, reaction, solution." Just like in the middle east and the color revolutions, the "modus operandi" of those who wish to take power is to generate chaos, and provide their version of the "solution".

  2. There is a post at Zerohedge showing a couple black clad white girls spraypainting BLM on a building. They are being filmed by an outraged black woman.

    1. Sorry. I am such a dumbass at internet surfing on the phone that I did not realize that this was the exact same set of videos from Zerohedge

  3. Government police = socialized security. Businessmen who expect socialized security to secure their business are in for the same lesson as people who expect socialized medicine to secure their health. I expect many of them to experience a reallocation of their wealth toward entrepreneurs who were better able to anticipate the present reorientation of consumer demand and the likelihood of default on their contract by their current security provider. Such things happen in business. Boo hoo for all of them.

    We have all been perfectly willing to pay our taxes, follow each new asinine rule and keep our heads down in hopes that the bullies would go destroy someone else's life. It has always been a childish self-soothing exercise, and our cowardice has a price.

    I saw thousands of protesters in the past few days. I saw maybe a dozen rioters. Hundreds of cops.

    I only ever saw cops assault people. I never saw a rioter attack someone.

    I've been watching this kinda shit on tv and online since I was a kid. It's completely different in person. On tv they show images of the riot while talking about the protestors. Imagine if they showed footage of you on a nice date while talking about a rapist offscreen somewhere who happens to be in the same bar at the same time. What are you going to say to the hundreds of thousands of people who just saw you called a rapist to change how they think about you?

    Two things have alarmed me about this whole episode: The ease with which a small number of barbarians can turn a civilized event to chaos by baiting the cops AND the ease with which otherwise sensible and intelligent people can be duped into running and crying to the government goon squad for help when things get too scary for all the tough guys. The looters are providing free advertising for the cops and half the alleged libertarians out there are singing along to the jingles. Even better, they're experiencing their own deception as clairvoyance. Everyone is convinced that if they were falling for a trick they would know, like they're special or something.

  4. "America" is full of cowards that won't defend themselves.
    They don't understand that appeasing the rioting communists burning and looting our cities will not bring peace.
    These goblins will just keep coming after you until you and your world are completely destroyed!
    What’s the solution to stopping this onslaught of civilization destroyers?
    What action do you take after attempting to reason with these characters has failed?
    They have proven that as long as no noticeable resistance is shown by the police, they will continue their onslaught night after night.
    Like a rabid dog, their aggression will not cease. And what do you do with a rabid dog?
    You put it down.
    Unfortunately, there is only one solution.
    Kill them.
    Kill them all.
    Every goddamned one of them.