Saturday, May 30, 2020


They are going after police and news station personnel and pretty much anything else.

This is the blowblack you get when you have put in minimum wage laws that make it impossible for black youth to get that first job, you give them a terrible education and then you lock them down for months---that will draw a crowd when a protest is called.

The murder of George Floyd was the spark but the fuel was already laid and the protesters are getting more aggressive against the police.

Then this happened in Louisville:
Note for the record: This is the second odd move by police on news reporters (recall the arrest of a CNN camera crew in Minneapolis yesterday).



  1. What we need is a hero authority figure to ride in and establish a dictatorship, no I mean save the day.

  2. Maybe Soros' hand in the protests? Not spontaneous at all? Just saying

  3. I assume that these folks will get arrested for failing to wear masks and not social distancing, which of course are their most heinous crimes.