Tuesday, May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Deaths in the United States

The map divides the country into thirds. One-third of all COVID-19 deaths occurred in the red area. A third in the yellow area and a third in the green area. This has been largely a regional flu.

Based on data from worldometers.info California is currently ranked 29th in terms of CPVID-19 deaths per million and yet has some of the most draconian lockdown regulations in the country.

There are more junior interventionist, power-freak, mini-Maos in California than COVID-19 infected in the state. From my perspective, it is these mini-Maos that should be placed on lockdown without cell phones or internet access.


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  1. Once again, basket-case NYC becomes a burden to the rest of the country, and drags us down with it.