Saturday, May 23, 2020

Coronavirus: What Are We Doing to Our Children?

The brave and brilliant international bestselling author, Dr. Vernon Coleman MBChB DSc FRSA, says that we are producing a generation of mentally disturbed children including loners, weirdos and psychopaths by introducing social distancing in schools.




  1. What sickens me most is the sight of very young children, only a few years old, wearing masks. They're being programmed to believe that their air is poisonous. They'll forever be terrified of going outside!
    What kind of monsters think up this crap?

  2. I googled "MBChB DSc FRSA" & all I got is the same guys book page . 🙄
    What is "MBChB DSc FRSA" supposed to mean?

  3. FSRA Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

  4. We're promoting anxiety and stress in our kids. What do anxiety and stress cause? More cortisol production within the body...which causes insulin, then inflammation...and depresses the body's immune system---making people more susceptible to infection and illness!
    It's planned chaos at its worst.