Monday, April 6, 2020

Why Aren't We Doing Proper COVID-19 Testing?

As the bizarre testing of many with COVID-19 symptoms continues, which can tell us nothing about the size of the threat and is only of use in treatment for a few, yet another doctor steps forward to ask the question that I have been asking pretty much since the start of this panic: Why isn't a proper sampling of the general population being done to determine how far the disease has spread and how many asymptomatic cases there are?

This is a very basic question and step to take. Why isn't the shady Tony Fauci, or his sidekick Deborah Birx, pointing this out and demanding this type of testing? Or Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who lurks in the background.

There is no way these three power freaks don't understand what proper testing would look like.

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Here is Dr. Peter Attia asking the question and signaling as to why this basic step is not being taken (8 minute and 44 second video).




  1. I was in the emergency room this weekend in Houston for a broken collarbone and asked the radiologist if he'd been seeing a lot of CV-19 patients come through. He told me he wasn't allowed to talk about it. Yes something is rotten alright.

  2. Fauci was asked about anti-body testing and he said it's not a priority. That way he can keep cooking the books.

    1. Can you please provide a source for this statement?

      I haven't been able to find an article of him making that statement.

  3. Here is another couple of dead bodies that we can lay at the feet of the totalitarians: