Sunday, April 12, 2020

What Bill Gates is Really Up To

This is some excellent reporting by Millie Weaver on Bill Gates and his desire to set global health policy including required vaccinations by everyone.




  1. Bill Gates resistance is huge on his IG. That is some feel good reading!!

    1. Wow, that response is beautiful.

      I'm pretty sure it was Walter Block who had a great jab at people who advocate depopulization. In a debate Walter suggested that if his opponent was so serious about overpopulation the person could start with themselves.

    2. It really seems like he is going all in on this and I honestly do not think he will win. I'm predicting that some mainstream people will start to question his motives/rereveal his past and then there will be too many people against him for him to have his way.

      Most already agree that no mass gatherings for 18 months (est. Vaccine timeframe) is complete lunacy

    3. Brett, the way I like to phrase it: "If you think we need fewer people in the world, you're always free to remove yourself from the planet." This usually renders them speechless.

  2. The vaccines ARE what kills people. They keep people in a perpetual state of lingering un-health. People who are heavily entwined with the modern medical system are left impoverished after a life of near-constant sickness, drowsiness, tiredness....essentially living like zombies.

  3. Check out Whitney Webb's work on this stuff.

  4. The four statistics I want to see:
    Total U.S. population daily from Jan.1 to April 1, 1919.
    Total U.S. deaths daily from Jan.1 to April 1,1918
    Total U.S. population daily from Jan.1 to April 1,2020
    Total U.S. deaths daily from Jan. 1 to April 1,2020
    This will show excess deaths above normal.