Saturday, April 25, 2020

Two Heroic Southern California Doctors Explain Why the Lockdowns are a Mistake

The below videos are a must-watch.

Two doctors out of Kern County in Southern California held a press conference on Wednesday discussing the COVID-19 related lockdowns, mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, etc. and why they make no sense.

The Doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, are the owners of Accelerated Urgent Care. They argue that the lockdowns are dangerous for a number of reasons including that it eliminates normal daily exposure to viruses we get and that it is weakening our immune systems. They predict a wide variety of illnesses will emerge amongst the general public when the lockdown is over because of the weakened immune systems.

This presentation is first class for the most part, get it out.

I am posting part 2 first because it is only 12 minutes and 27 seconds and is a good summary.


Part 1 is 51 minutes and 56 seconds. If you can find the time, I urge you to watch this part also. It makes a complete presentation on COVID-19 and what we know now and, yes, why it is very much like the flu.

 The last 30 minutes are particularly valuable because they get into the many dangers of the lock down.



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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have done my small bit to help the video go viral.

  2. This is an absolute must-see.

    Heroic Doctors hold press conference insisting lockdown is harming immunity, must END- Country must reopen

    "Dr. Fauci hasn't seen a patient in 20 years, he's in an ivory tower," doctor says.

    "We're going to go to Costco but we can't go to church. It doesn't make sense.
    If you are young and healthy why would you quarantine yourself? it does not make any sense.

    Doctors are being pressured to classify deaths as covid-19 when that is not the case

    Published on Apr 23, 2020
    Bakersfield, California - DOCTORS DISAGREE WITH SHUTDOWN: Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care refuse to wear masks outside. They say the longer people stay inside the more their immune system drops. They're calling for Kern to reopen immediately
    If you're going to dance on someone's constitutional rights you better have a very good reason and not just theory. He says at minute 37

    Part 2

  3. At minute 1:07 doctor says
    "I have guys posting on my Facebook page with photographs of them holding their AK-47 saying let's roll so let's avoid all that . Because if you stomp on our freedoms it has one ending and that's violence." !!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting; I shared with others but do have a problem with his extrapolation method, if I understand it correctly. He is extrapolating the positive results % of those tested out with the same % at the state level. These aren't random tests but tests of people volunteering to go get tested, most of whom I'd guess have symptoms, or they wouldn't get tested in the first place. Doesn't this skew the positive % up? A random test sampling takes out this bias.

    1. Agreed, he is not clear on the statistics and extrapolations he is doing. This is the weakest part of the presentation but there are other sources on how data should be collected and extrapolated.

      For example:

  5. Well, they said that they have the data NOW, but actually we had data over a month ago from the Diamond Princess that revealed the same mortality rate that today's data is showing.

  6. I appreciate these doctors careful review of the present situation, but their reliance on math and statistics is a profound weakness. Before there were case numbers before there were any reports of coronavirus or covid-19 we had knowledge about seasonal illness due to viruses. We knew to expect this every winter. We knew there was no cure and we knew each individuals response to seasonal viruses would be different. Some more severe than others but with a healthy immune system most would be able to continue with their lives after a few days or few weeks rest. In December or January the doctors knew this most recent variation was a member of the corona family of viruses which in the past have been associated with the common cold and/or flu. This knowledge alone should have compelled the health professionals to advise first do no harm. To proscribe watchful waiting and to avoid panic or hysteria.

    Instead beginning with Dr. Fauci and President Trump presenting on March 16 a "dire report" that projected 2.2 million deaths in the U.S and a virus 10x more lethal than the flu, health professionals become more and more panicky until agreeing that a social and commercial shut-down was the appropriate action. Yet there was no reference to the previous knowledge I discussed above. No evidence that the virus was in fact as dangerous as Dr. Fauce and his 'dire report" suggested. There were other epidemiologists with other reports suggesting deaths would be no more than 50 to 80 thousand in the U.S. But Dr. Fauci chose the most extreme report to wave in our faces and scare the pants off everybody. This was not science this was little more than conjecture and gossip. And it resulted in hysteria that caused a shut-down that has cost trillions and trillion of dollars in lost wealth, destroyed careers, suffering, misery and inconvenience that far exceeds the harm caused by the virus.

    Dr. Fauci may be "renowned" in some special field of medicine but he is not the best in the world. Nor is the author of the "dire report." There were many other equally talented specialists who were suggesting a much milder response to this coronavirus. But they were ignored. Why? I believe because Dr. Fauci and his associates are first and foremost career political bureaucrats. They are not medical professionals, they are not health care specialists and their incentives and motivations are very different. They are not motivated to serve the needs and wants of customers, many haven't seen a patient in decades. They are incentivized to seek and use power. To mandate their proposals, to force people to adhere to their very narrow and specialized knowledge. A one size fits all mentality which results in disaster.

    If there is one lesson to be learned it is that humans function best when each has the freedom to choose. A freedom that allows each individual to seek the best solution to meet their needs and wants. A freedom that promotes voluntary transactions to mutual benefit. The doctors in the podcast have not yet fully learned this lesson. Dr. Erickson refers to not "dancing on peoples rights" without a good reason. There is no good reason.

  7. I should be more specific -- Youtube has taken part 1 down. It was originally posted at I see now you used the Vimeo link, which still works.

  8. Incredible presentation, just now watching. I was going to raise the concern the other commenter made about testing skewed positive, but otherwise they are heroic for doing this and I'm just glad to see it even if they disappointed with defending quarantine as a good initial reaction. It's making the rounds I see it all over social media and helping to fuel the resistance.

  9. LOL. This video is being taken down as fast as it is being reposted.

    This is an open-source reporting challenge. Time to find other platforms.

  10. Vimeo took it down too. This is utterly ridiculous. Plain censorship we need to stand up to