Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Mini-Tyrants Are Never Going to Stop

Just like the approval rating for President Trump, the approval ratings of mini-tyrants around the country are climbing in the face of COVID-19 hysteria.

These evil bastards are never going to stop posing as saviors of us all.

Just what is going to break this hysteria fever?

The resistance is much too small.



  1. There is a quite large demand for (secular) Saviors as experience and your table suggests. Too bad they won't switch to looking inward for a self savior or skyward for a heavenly savior.

  2. We have all seen how polls can be inaccurate. At all times but especially right now we need to be very critical of the information available.

    By a huge margin the majority of people I know would not approve of these politicians. I know I and a lot of those I associate with are not typical but I am talking about not just friends and family and people that work for my company but the vendors and customers we work with and the owners and workers at the restaurants I frequent, etc. I have not spoken to anyone that thinks the PTSNB are helping.

  3. Far too many people turn to government in times of crisis because they seem to think that only government can save them.

    They simply refuse to look anywhere or at anything else.

  4. Most people are, in fact, humaniform hamsters.

    Anyone not owning a gun should lose his (or, likely, her) voting rights. For being a freaking hamster.