Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Board of Education of The People's Republic of California Decides to Give All Students A Grades

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Education directed staff to present a plan to give all San Francisco public students A grades. No incompletes. Just A grades, in the face of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Joe Truss, a 5th-year middle school principal who markets himself as a culturally responsible leader empowering educators to engineer equity, said that through the giveaway, he wanted students to remember that their teachers loved them. "That grades didn’t matter. They matter," he tweeted.

And there you go, in the People's Republic, the kids learn that if life doesn't go your way, don't double-down, look for the unearned handouts.



  1. Aren't they special?

    As in "special education".

  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to file a class action lawsuit against school districts for failing to provide services?

  3. It is a GREAT idea.

    They were rubber stamping them with passing grades anyway, so at least they
    are openly admitting it now. The idea has merit IF 1) The schools and all of the public parasites within are shut down for good with all jobs eliminated 2) School taxes eliminated 3) All school properties sold off.

    The kids can learn something... Anything and anywhere and from anyone which will be vastly better than State Brainwashing.

  4. Grades don't matter. They matter. Except the "non-essentials", we're happy taking all their savings, their income, and their rights.

  5. When the kids go job hunting and get told by employer after employer that their diploma isn't worth **** because it's meaningless, watch the triggered tantrums start.