Wednesday, April 29, 2020

On Fauci and Newsom as Nice Guys

Gavin Newsom

Anthony Fauci
A friend emails:
From a strictly PR standpoint,  (reaching the masses)  The funny thing about Fauci is that he seems very affable,  sincere & totally non threatening . It's hard to picture him doing a satanic ritual at bohemian grove with Bill Gates. LOL

Similarly,  Gavin Newsom is very skilled,  articulate & charismatic & even at cursory glance,  likeable. Neither of these guys would be easily  painted as a villian of any sort, in my opinion.
RW response:

These are the marks of skilled psychopaths who lie in the face of reality.

A narcissist in a very crude way cares only about himself but does have some feelings for others.

A sociopath does not generally have feelings for others but is bumbling about it his lack of care and easy to spot.

Trump is probably somewhere between a narcissist and a sociopath.

The psychopath does not have feelings for others but is very shrewd about it and difficult to detect.

With both Fauci and Newsom, you have to pay very close attention to what they say and how they lie, contradict themselves and distort because they will be very smooth and polished when they do it.

They are the most dangerous because they can suck in the masses most easily.

John M. Grohol, Psy.D. writes:
Both sociopaths and psychopaths have a pervasive pattern of disregard for the safety and rights of others. Deceit and manipulation are central features to both types of personality. Contrary to popular belief, a psychopath or sociopath is not necessarily violent...

Sociopaths, in general, tend to be more impulsive and erratic in their behavior than their psychopath counterparts. While also having difficulties in forming attachments to others, some sociopaths may be able to form an attachment to a like-minded group or person. Unlike psychopaths, most sociopaths don’t hold down long-term jobs or present much of a normal family life to the outside world.

When a sociopath engages in criminal behavior, they may do so in an impulsive and largely unplanned manner, with little regard for the risks or consequences of their actions. They may become agitated and angered easily, sometimes resulting in violent outbursts. These kinds of behaviors increase a sociopath’s chances of being apprehended...

[P]sychopaths can often be seen by others as being charming and trustworthy, holding steady, normal jobs. Some even have families and seemingly-loving relationships with a partner. While they tend to be well-educated, they may also have learned a great deal on their own.

When a psychopath engages in criminal behavior, they tend to do so in a way that minimizes risk to themselves. They will carefully plan criminal activity to ensure they don’t get caught, having contingency plans in place for every possibility.

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