Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Nurse Whistleblower: NYC Hospitals Murdering Patients Via Protocol

This is an extremely powerful, knowledgeable, heroic presentation.

Watch this now before it is pulled, because that is what is going to happen.


When this all over, there will be investigations. I hope it covers Tony Fauci, government officials that put us on lockdown and the medical doctors who ignored what was happening before their very eyes.



  1. I use youtube-dl to download streamed videos to my computer:


    It works for YouTube and other sites.

  2. I do not believe for one moment that there will be any investigations, there may be some claims filed by family members, which will be settled before going to trial.
    This is the same city where two high rise towers were brought down by obviously controlled demolition but we were supposed to believe that airplane impacts and fires were the cause. This lie changed our lives dramatically and the current lie is also destroying so many lives and our lives will again change in fundamental ways but without any investigations or logical explanation.

  3. Definitely draws a parallel to the glorification of military personnel, to then provide hero-cover for awful actions.

    1. cmon man the vast majority of military personnel are honorable. The human population will always have a few outliers.

  4. Her testimony is compelling. The commenters seem to agree. From my perspective her testimony is anecdotal, but, if I had to wager a guess, her account will be substantiate and we will see more evidence of her claims. Pandemic of 2020 is this generation's 9/11.

  5. I talk to a man who's wife told him if you are put on a ventilator you will die. This was in New York

  6. I heard that if you were put on a ventilator you will most likely die from a nurse work omg in the Bronx s