Sunday, April 12, 2020

My Experience With a Covid Cop

Martin Hill emails:
This female officer was sort of hiding in the bushes🎄🌳🌵🌴 along the walkway 🙄😒👮 yesterday & told me I had to leave & am only allowed to walk on the streets. I told her that the signs at the park specifically said 'passive activity allowed'(?) as long as you 'keep social distancing' , but she had no  retort or explanation for the discrepancy between the posted signs and her order.  (by the way, the words 'PASSIVE' & 'ACTIVE' are literally antonyms, opposites, which shows you how insane government is)

She began to seem agitated when she saw me filming her, 😅🙄📸📷📼🎥📽📲📱(these were taken as I was walking after I left the pathway) but she did not say anything else to me. 😅  I was very glad for that. 🙄



  1. This, let's borrow the appropriate term from the 60's, PIG (Cop) is a moral low life. She is enforcing random orders of dictatorial authority. Along with fat paycheck that will allow the PIG to gorge the taxpayer while oppressing them, I am sure her excuse will be "I am just following orders".

    Perhaps the correct term is SOW (Shady Overweight Woman) PIG.

    Can we stop hero-worshipping our "first responders" now?

  2. She could use a little passive activity herself.

  3. Man look at that creeper! And I'm not talking about the foliage.

  4. She was probably in the bushes taking a poop and was ticked off at being interrupted.