Saturday, April 11, 2020

Mass Hysteria Sells

With these kinds of ratings, Trump and the junior power freaks at the state and local levels have little incentive to quickly end the lockdown.



  1. I guess the blue states should be scrambling to end the lockdowns ASAP.

  2. Trump has certainly out "democrated" the Democrats on handling the coronavirus, but he better start opening up the economy pronto or these same jerks who have advocated a complete shutdown will be campaigning that Trump ruined the economy in November.

    This reminds me of Bush 41 raising taxes with Democrat urging and approval and then the Democrats campaigning against him by reminding everyone of him saying "Read my lips, no new taxes."

  3. Great observation. I notice that many of the Governors who imposed the most restrictive shut-downs (like Gavin Newsome in CA) also have higher ratings. These politicians and their followers are the people who see the opportunity to gain at others expense. Or are fearful of relying on themselves. They tend to take advantage of people rather than engaging in win/win voluntary exchanges. Hopefully the millions who do not participate in such polls will come to recognize this and stop enabling this dysfunctional behavior. Stop participating in politics and seek solutions at the local level through voluntary interactions. Stop voting it only encourages them.

  4. The Idiocracy is alive and thriving