Thursday, April 9, 2020

Lockdown is an Ideal Situation for Domestic Abusers

Domestic violence is believed to be on the rise, according to Bay Area law enforcement and advocates for survivors and victims, reports The San Francisco Chronicle, because of shelter-in-place orders issued by  Bay Area mayors such as San Francisco's London Breed and Oakland's Libby Schaaf.

According to the Chronicle, experts say the shelter-in-place orders have created a dangerous confluence of factors that can provoke perpetrators, increase the level of abuse and violence in the home, and make it harder for victims and survivors to get help.

Kathy Black, executive director of La Casa de las Madres, which runs two shelters and a hotline for abused women and children in San Francisco, said the problem of victims being isolated or cut off from friends, family and the community — a common tactic of abusers — has grown over the course of the shelter in place, which went into effect on March 16 for most of the Bay Area.

“The shelter-in-place order plays into a very common battering tactic, which is to isolate victims from family, friends, co-workers, other resources,” Black said. “This is like an ideal situation for abusers, a perfect storm.”



  1. Yeah there has been a definite rise on abuse calls lately on so many countries. This is horrifying.

  2. As our beloved Wenzel has observed, the draconian measures and the deliberate destruction of our economy will kill a lot more people than the virus.

  3. I’m a mental health provider in Virginia, and I’ve seen a dramatic uptick in opioid overdoses and domestic violence since the lockdowns. Moreover, shelters and residential treatment facilities have shut down intakes. Where do they have to go? It’s a mess.

  4. Perhaps this has the makings of a class action suit by victims of domestic abuse?