Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Justin Amash Launches Exploratory Committee to Consider Run for the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Justin Amash
He's running.

Justin Amash sent this tweet out Tuesday evening:
The Libertarian nomination is currently set to be decided at a convention next month in Austin, Texas, but the plans for that gathering are now uncertain because of the pandemic. Nicholas Sarwark, the national chairman of the Libertarian Party, said there would be a conversation among Libertarian Party leaders on Saturday about whether to postpone the convention until the summer, shift to a virtual convention or pursue another option entirely, reports The New York Times.

The Times also notes:
Mr. Sarwark said Mr. Amash, a five-term congressman, would most likely be a formidable candidate to be the party’s standard-bearer. He noted that if Mr. Amash changed his affiliation in Congress — from independent to Libertarian — he would be the first member of the House formally aligned with the party. That could give Mr. Amash special credibility, Mr. Sarwark said.
Let's see how Amash comes out on key issues.

More than once he has positioned himself in a manner that does not exactly shout libertarian.

Who can forget his 2012 position on taxes: "Justin Amash Doubles Down on His Call to Keep Taxes on the Table"?

I don't find most politicians useful at all. But every once in a great while a politician can come along who is a good tool. Maybe Amash will be a good tool.

We shall see.



  1. Little justin is a clown. Anyone who would even remotely support the maniacal, deeply disturbed criminal sociopaths as made manifest by the current crime syndicate known as the 'democratic party' deserves to be institutionalized.
    This bozo should be hung, not promoted.

  2. I've been following the Libertarian Party since roughly 2005. I was hoping that this year will finally be the year where the Libertarian Party breaks away from its strategy of nominating ex-Republican politicians. While Gary Johnson was okay (he libertarianism isn't Rothbardian/Austrian but he seemed to articulate Chicago School/Reason/Cato Institute-style libertarianism very well), Bob Barr, Wayne Allyn Root, and Bill Weld are anything but libertarian, and it's a shame that they were able to run under the Libertarian Party banner.

    I had high hopes that Jacob Hornberger, a solid libertarian in the mold of Robert Higgs and a friend of Ron Paul, would win the Libertarian Party nomination and will finally make the Libertarian Party more principled. But this announcement from Justin Amash throws a wrench into Hornberger's campaign.

    I hope the Libertarian Party does not get swayed and instead commits to being a libertarian party instead of being the Republican Party Development League. Justin Amash is better than most politicians, but his libertarian credentials are lacking in some key areas. He is no Ron Paul.

    Jacob Hornberger for president!

  3. I was briefly involved with the libertarian party and met the founders and thinkers who organized it. It was extremely attractive to a young person who saw the dangers to freedom and wanted to do something. However, I quickly realized that no matter the label, politics is not about persuasion, or discussion or education or even ideology. It is about power. Getting it and using it. Its about creating the biggest gang and defeating the others. It is "war by other means." Participation in politics enables the might makes right crowd and weakens the case for voluntary interaction to mutual benefit. The covid-19 hysteria is a perfect example of smothering liberty. The bureaucrats have already divided us into the "essentials" vs the "non-essentials", the face mask wearers vs the non face mask wearers, the social distancers vs the socializers. There is no solution in politics for the liberty movement. We need a campaign of None of The Above to dismantle the political/bureaucratic state that smothers liberty.

  4. Yeah, make sure libertardians support open borders so we can have all the trash from the turd world come here. It will be great! This is why I despise libertarians because they are clueless about race, IQ, and culture. Jacob Hornberger while inherently decent is a total dope on immigration.