Thursday, April 9, 2020

How Much Does New York City's East Village Hate President Trump?

Short films creator Ami Horowitz took to the barren streets of New York City, where COVID-19 rages, to ask residents if they would be willing to “make a deal” and have the country suffer a longer, more severe, period of COVID-19, if it would result in Donald Trump definitely losing re-election.


I am not a fan of Trump but this gives you an idea of how bad some of these people would push the COVID-19 panic to get rid of Trump---and it should be noted only to be replace with some other clown.



  1. That's ok, none of those in the video in the first part have lives or property worth defending. But this shows what a typical leftist is like. I'm really ready for the country to break up so people like that can have their leftist utopia with all that duh-versity and free stuff.

  2. Sounds like a cue of why we have a pandemic panic in the first place.