Friday, April 10, 2020

Heroic Surfer Dude Protests Surfing Lockdown

San Diego County power freaks won't let surfers surf during the COVID-19 panic.

Encinitas surfer Jack Silverwood heroically spent the day Thursday, according to KUSI, protesting the beach closures at the famous Cardiff Kook in Encinitas, with signs that read, “Commies can’t surf,” “Give me waves or give me COVID,” and “Kim Prather is a Kook.”


The man deserves a medal of freedom at a time when very few are willing to raise their voice for freedom--even if it is only a protest for surfing freedom.



  1. I've been a surfer for close to 35 years. I got away from it for a decade or so then came back to it about 10 years ago. I say kudos to this guy but from my experience, most surfers are pretty myopic intellectually. Let him surf and CA could probably go full Venezuela commie and he wouldn't give a rip. It's like that where I live. I'm free to surf (following all the dopey rules, of course) but am "locked down" in every other way possible. There have been no freedom protests from the sizable population of surfers near me.

    When I was young, surfers were anti-authority figures of whom parents and "respectable" folks were suspicious. After the 80s, the surf-related industry began to pay money to guys to surf for a living and that began to change. Nowadays you have 10-12 year old kids prepping for their "career" in surfing. No bad behavior, no clouds of MJ first thing in the morning, no out of control ragers at their folks houses. Just a bunch of under educated, borderline SJW, corporate NPC drones that follow any orders given to them by "authoritah." Some think old guys like me who have a healthy disrespect for such things are "troublemakers."

    Fortunately, some remnant of the old spirit remains. It's possible that remnant will increase as things continue to go haywire and the money disappears.

  2. Silverwood said that a lot of the surf community thinks Surf-Lockdown-20 is not a big deal. I see this as a sign that we are becoming more and more subservient to so called authority.

    I have lived and surfed in the same area that this report is from all of my life. I have a knee injury that has kept me from surfing since August and am not a young man so am out of touch with the majority of the surf community. But I think when we were young surfers my generation would have reacted to such restrictions with a “fuck that dude, I’m going out anyway” attitude and there would have been enough of us that it would have made it a public nightmare for the cops to stop us.

    Just another sign of the cowing of America.