Friday, April 24, 2020

Drone Video Of An Empty New York City

The amount of compliance in a city with millions is simply astounding.

Where are the rebels?



(ht Murray Sabrin)


  1. Those shots of (deserted) Grand Central make me wonder: "Where's Will Smith?"

  2. Check out

  3. The New Yorker has several videos of cities under quarantine including NYC, Rome, Paris, and Milan.

  4. Robert -

    You have to remember when a NYC accent sounded tough. Those days are now gone.

  5. These pictures prove that 80% of Americans are sheep...spineless losers that do whatever they are told. COVID-19 has proven that the Constitution is weak and near useless.

    1. I think it proves the opposite. The constitution provides, for some, the illusion of protection of rights. In reality, the constitution means whatever those in power say it means. In fact, its codified tyranny and has been since the beginning.

    2. Well put, but I disagree. The Constitution is supposed to protect our freedoms - absolutely. If it can be circumvented anytime people in power want to and enough of the spineless masses let them...then it is failing to do what it was designed to do.
      Laws to protect our rights must have penalties attached or they mean nothing.
      If murder laws do not include minimum sentences - then what is to stop murderers from murdering?
      The Constitution MUST have penalties put upon those who try and break it - like automatic expulsion from politics and/or minimum 2 years in jail.
      Only when politicians face strict penalties for breaking the Constitution will it have the teeth it needs to protect our rights and freedoms.