Saturday, April 11, 2020

BLEG: Looking for Source Inside the Hospital Administration Community....

I am looking for a source inside the hospital administration community that can help me understand how revenue flows for COVID-19 patients differ from those classified with other illnesses.

Also how patient deaths are classified as COVID-19 deaths and what overall hospital capacities are right now.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

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  1. Robert - Excellent! Thank you for trying to look into these questions. If I can think of anyone I know who may have some answers for you, I'll get him or her in touch with you. JMJ

  2. I heard something about this on Rush either thurs or friday. He had some data of how much the government paid per covid case and how much per ventilation.

  3. I forwarded this to an accountant friend of mine who works for Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit.