Monday, April 27, 2020

Bill Gates Reveals More of His COVID-19 Plan

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is going full throttle to spend all his time using the COVID-19 panic, that he played a significant role in creating, to push for an advance of globalism of the worst kind.

I have already reported that just weeks ago he stepped down from the board of directors of Microsoft and the board of Berkshire Hathaway.

Now he tells Vox that "he has reoriented his foundation and committed hundreds of millions of dollars to the world’s fight against the coronavirus."

So what is this reorientation about?

Here in his own words is what he told Vox (my bold):
I hope that this draws the world together. After World War II, we created new institutions and we successfully avoided having another world war. That’s a phenomenal thing. We haven’t blown off a nuclear weapon as part of a conflict. And we did that by binding ourselves together through a variety of institutions — including the WHO on health. So as bad as that was, the outcome was positive.

This is a tragic event. Whatever good comes out of this will in no way make up for the problems that it causes. But it should say to us, this science is important — let’s use it to avoid pandemics. We’re not going to be out of this until we get rid of it from the entire world. Interdicting travel is a very brute force measure that has lots of negative effects. Even if we have to do that temporarily, it’s not where we want to be.

Everybody brings to the epidemic their hopes that they had before. And I’ve always believed in global cooperation. You can accuse me of just saying, “Everybody’s going to be convinced of my thing.” But I really do believe that the World War II analogy applies here...

We took a much worse situation and crafted it into the institutions and the economic growth and innovation that we’ve had between World War II and now. I hope that this looks like that.
The guy is like a powerful James Bond villain who wants to destroy everything to shape the entire world with his perspective.


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  1. Gates wants to draw the world together, create new institutions like after WWII. “So as bad as that was the outcome was positive.” Really?

    Death and destruction can allow for something good in the place of what was destroyed, but we don’t need it to create institutions, cooperation, innovation or for economic growth.

    Gates reminds me that Scott Horton likes to blame everything on Woodrow Wilson. Not only was the Federal Reserve created on his watch, he caused the WWI stalemate which led to the Treaty of Versailles which led to WWII which led to the Cold War which led to the creation of Al-Qaeda which led to the War on Terror…… Sounds pretty good, right Gates? Let’s model our future on that!

    He really is like an evil genius. It only took me a few weeks to figure that out.