Friday, April 10, 2020

Bill Gates is Getting Scarier By the Minute

Bill Gates
Now Bill Gates says that mass gatherings may not be able to come back at all if there is no vaccine.

This for a virus that seems to have death rates in line with the flu.
Is he really this out of touch with reality and the fact that it is impossible to eliminate all risk from life?

What is going on here?



  1. "Out of touch with reality " he has been for quite a long time.
    Now he simulated the pandemic ("Event 201") that he has been predicting for years, the pandemic became real and, of course, no more mass gathering without universal vaccination with his vaccine, and a digital certificate.

  2. He wants to force the vaccine on you and implant a chip in you to track you. It's no secret. As for his motives, I suspect he's a technocrat and needs bigger things to manage in order to get his kicks. There is also the whole depopulation thing that seems to be very important to him.


  4. Impeach Bill Gates!!

  5. Question for Robert (or anyone else here):

    You must know a bit about how Public Relations experts design and groom the image of their clients with everything calculated to win over the unwitting audience. Do you see obvious signs of that at work here?

    Just seeing this guy's face on the screen, I can't help but feel I'm being manipulated!

    I can believe Gates has about six groomers coaching him on every move, word, and pause in his presentations, making him look like such a gentle good ol' Bill. Yes, when he speaks,it appears spontaneous, but looked at closely he seems to ooze some kind of phony avuncular creepiness. Same for this unctuous cretin at the Fed (Bullard) in your post over at EPJ this week (

    John M.