Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BEST PRESENTATION: Professor Knut Wittkowski on the COVID-19 Panic

It is all in this video.

This is the best presentation from a scientific perspective of what COVID-19 is, what the threat is and why the lockdowns make no sense.

If you want the full story, this is it.




  1. Looking forward to watching this when I get home. The Perspectives on the Pandemic series has been fantastic. I remember how incredulous Knut was about the approach being taken and lack of science amongst the public health bureaucrats in their first interview.

    Imagine if these interviews were played on mainstream news outlets. Of course, a lot of people wouldn't have the attention span to watch a long form interview. Plus, so many people are in a haze of cult-like thinking that they just glaze over when you give them any data the is counter to the official narrative.

    1. After watching this I agree it is absolutely essential. You can see the way he wears his emotions that he understands the science and understands the economic cost. Someone commented on the Youtube that he clearly cares and it led me to this response:

      It really is beautiful and sad. For the first few weeks of this situation I was walking around feeling a sense of heartbreak. My fellow humans have been so gullible and have given away their futures so easily. But you can only feel pity for so long.

      Interacting with people I think this is the problem we face - people want to "save lives." But they are either so deep in the COVID cult or do not have the wisdom to think things through that they cannot realize that their governments are destroying lives. The "economy" seems to be too abstract a concept for most people to grasp. If they understood the cost but were a true believer in "The Virus" it would be too much of an ego death to accept how horrifically wrong they were. You could tell a True Believer positive facts and show them this video. Their eyes will glaze over. "I don't know. I don't know. I don't know." Anything outside the mainstream narrative does not compute.

      Part of me, my shadow self, has contempt for humanity and thinks they'll get what they deserve. If only this virus was as virulent as they believe. But another part of me loves my species and I hope they can find a way out of this. One way or another this is a trans-formative time. I choose to imagine the most positive timeline.

  2. How long will it take for GooTube to remove this video as they have the Kern County doctors?

    Here is the censored post:

    Here it is on BitChute:

    We can also download the video. I’ve been using:

    1. After the Bakersfield doctors had their viral video taken down I looked up youtube alternatives and discovered BitChute. Similarly, Dr. Buttar's youtube video with over 9 million views was removed, but an alternative site (LondonReal) has a long interview with him that is hosted on their own site. Hopefully more people migrate out of youtube, FB, etc.

  3. His follow up video is well worth a look too.