Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Behind the Scenes Trump Adviser, Another Power Freak Exposed

Scott Gottlieb
John Tamny has been putting out some powerful commentary on the perversity of the economic lockdown.

Here he is exposing Dr. Scott Gottlieb:
Former FDA Commissioner and American Enterprise Institute (AEI) resident fellow Scott Gottlieb is one of those highly elite “policymakers” Americans supposedly can’t function without. If you look up past viruses, Gottlieb was the one sounding major alarm about them.

Even though past viruses didn't live up to his hype, Gottlieb has sadly been given enormous space in the major media once again, this time to spread his alarmism about the new coronavirus. The response from lawmakers that he's cheered has resulted in mass unemployment, bankruptcy and desperation for the common people whom Gottlieb generally doesn’t encounter on the surely mean streets of Westport, CT...

Really, the halfway reasonable might ask, who would fight what may be deadly for millions with the mother of all recessions? Please read on...

Gottlieb so out of touch with reality as to promote poverty as the cure for a “virus” that all-too-many “Don’t know” the why behind...

with rather well-to-do Westport, CT as his backdrop over the weekend, Gottlieb alerted the similarly well-to-do viewers of CBS’s Face the Nation that Georgia was “jumping the gun” in opening up its economy; that a better timeframe would be mid to “late May.” Really, what would Georgians do without the guidance of this most self-absorbed of men? Gottlieb seems to think they would be sick, dead, or both. It seems at least in his eyes they have no clue how to protect themselves. But then unlike a doctor giddy from all the attention his nail biting has won him, not all of Georgia’s workers have speaking fees, board seats, think tank income, and federal pensions to fall back on while they so "nobly" pursue the oh-so-decadent notion of “flattening the curve.” They don't have months to get their wits about them while relying on savings to pay the bills and keep their businesses afloat.

Don’t worry, Gottlieb wasn’t done. He followed up his Face the Nation appearance with a stab at economic policy in a print newspaper opinion piece next day. The doctor explained to readers that the “first nation to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 could have an economic advantage.” Gottlieb combines his alarmism with mercantilism discredited centuries ago.

Missed by someone who has encouraged so much economic misery for tens of millions is that the beauty of open markets is that they result in every innovation appearing as though it was created next door. Gottlieb fears the “country” that develops a vaccine first will supply it to its citizens first, but then it’s lost on the doctor that if a “country” can cure Covid-19, that the vaccine won’t be very difficult to produce in the first place, Nor, perhaps, will it be much demanded.

If other doctors are to be believed, the virus that will enrich Gottlieb through the ill-gotten notoriety that it won him is perhaps not very lethal. No doubt the skeptics could be wrong. Gottlieb will say they are for sure. Coronavirus as the most lethal of threats is too lucrative a narrative for the elite policymaker...

Sadly, it won’t prove lucrative for Valicia Anderson and tens of millions of other Americans. While the virus will produce generational wealth for those who perhaps overstated its lethality, and surely overstated the fix through economic contraction, those whose work is a destination won’t be so lucky. As of now, there is no work and no destination for them. The only solace they might have is that the internet is forever, and it will forever remember the deep thinkers whose hysteria so cruelly damaged their lives.

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  1. If only your last sentence were true. History shows that past hysterias over bird flu, swine flu, y2k, terrorists, immigrants, etc. and the bozos who promoted them seem long gone and forgotten. Buried under an avalanche of misinformation and the average person's urgency to move forward and survive.