Thursday, April 30, 2020

Anthony Fauci Has a Mad Scientist Vision to Track and Surveil American Citizens

Anthony Fauci
Cheryl K. Chumley at the Washington Examiner warns:
Anthony Fauci, the medical expert who has President Donald Trump’s ear on coronavirus, wants to implement a “contact tracing” program in America that will in effect set the stage for government to surveil its citizens.

Only he describes it in such a kindly caring gentlemanly manner that it’s not supposed to be noticed as intrusive and unAmerican and unconstitutional.

“The keys,” Fauci recently said, of opening America to business and activity and travel, Business Insider reported, “are to make sure that we have in place the things that were not in place in January, that we have the capability of mobilizing identification — testing — identification, isolation, contact tracing. There will be cases [of coronavirus]. We’ve got to be able to act on them in a very deliberate way that doesn’t allow us to get into the situation we find ourselves right now.”...

He’s calling for government health officials to have the technological power to track citizens in the United States...

Fauci, the face of the Decade of Vaccines Collaboration announced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation back in 2010 — a member of the Leadership Council of this very Gates Foundation-tied Decade of Vaccines program — is using his White House platform and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director position to not only push for widespread, national, even global administration of a coronavirus vaccine, but also for the government authority to track citizens. To surveil citizens...

He’s a mad scientist with a White House voice...

Coronavirus, Fauci style, is being used as a tool to implement a privacy-destroying government system of tracking and surveillance on citizens. If you think it’ll end with coronavirus, think again. Once the government health’s officials have established the program as a means of protecting citizens’ health, it won’t be long before, say, police are able to tap into the created database to track individuals in the name of citizens’ security and safety. The possibilities are endless.
Fauci is probably the most dangerous person in America right now.

His smooth psychopathic manner has most of the country convinced he is an angel trying to fight a dangerous new virus. A virus he has convinced the masses, with a long series of contradictory and misleading statements, could lead to millions of dead Americans.

In truth, COVID-19 will kill nowhere near that number. When properly counted, all indications are that COVID-19 kills in line with a severe flu season. And for this Fauci is advocating creating a surveillance state that could be turned against the citizens of the US at any time with the issuing of just one executive order from any future president occupying the White House.

Fauci is the birth father of the grown-up phase of Big Brother.


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  1. I listen to Michael Savage some days. He is not real impressed with Fauci and has an issue with much of the California lockdown.