Thursday, April 30, 2020

Another Lockdown Related Tragedy

Murray Sabrin emails:
Last night I held my last Wednesday class of the semester online before finals week.  After the class I spoke with a returning student who attended Ramapo in the 1990s and was a student of mine.  We were talking about his work activities for a major metropolitan university and the coronavirus symposium he tuned in to last Saturday.
The student complimented the panelists for their insights and told me one of his boyhood friends recently committed suicide because he could not take the isolation any more.  How many tragic events have gone unreported during the lockdown?  Lives are being lost unnecessarily in addition to the grisly impact of COV-19.  This is a grim reminder that the law of unintended consequences has been totally ignored by many governors. 



  1. Are they unintended? After all they want to reduce the population. I’m sure some o the little Mussolini’s do not intend to cause more deaths, they are just ignorant tyrants, but the PTSNB that most of them follow want less of us.

    1. I've wondered about this. But I typically think of the other side which is if people commit suicide, then they can't pay taxes, which is what government really wants (outside of control).

      The cynical side of me thinks all of these anti-suicide messages we see from government are simply a way of saying "We need you alive to pay taxes!"

  2. There hasn't been raising of taxes during the shutdown. Closed businesses and the unemployed do not pay taxes. The government growth is being funded by debt/inflation.