Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A Warning to Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia

Brian Kemp
Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia has done a heroic thing by ending the lockdown in his state. He stuck to his guns even after President Trump threw him under the bus.

He still needs to be careful, however.

There are many indications that the federal government is not playing a straight game when it comes to COVID-19.

First, the method of testing by the government appears to have been designed to fuel alarm rather than determine how significant of a killer COVID-19 is. By testing only those with COVID-19 symptoms, the government skewed tests that would create alarm as to the percentage of deaths relative to those who have been infected.

This was done at a time when a large rough approximation of the general population's antibodies to COVID-19 was known but has still not been publicly released.

As I reported earlier this month:
A general population survey would be key information that would be go a long way toward determining how severe COVID-19 is and if we are seeing only the most severe cases by current testing methods.

It turns out that roughly along the lines of a general survey is being conducted at the University of California, San Francisco by  Michael Busch, director of the Vitalant Research Institute, a nonprofit that’s linked to 170 blood donation centers in the country and is world-renowned for its infectious disease studies.

He is testing blood samples for COVID-19 antibodies from donated blood in Seattle, New York City, the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Boston, and Minneapolis.

When will the results be available?

Well some of them already are available and others will be available in a few days but the results are not being made public.

Busch explains:
 I can’t disclose the data, but we’ve got results for Seattle for March, and we’ll have results next week for New York City for the last week of March...
At this point, it’s theoretical, and the Food and Drug Administration is recommending against screening either blood or tissue donors with laboratory testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA. The FDA is very concerned that there’s not an overreaction to the blood safety risk. And I agree with them. 
In other words, the government is allowing useless data to be published and broadcast far and wide but it won't allow results from a broad-based test that could provide some insight into how much of the population has antibodies to the virus---which might end the lockdown drama...

So why aren't the UCSF results really being released? Are we really to believe that blood transfusion recipients wouldn't be happy to know they might get antibodies to COVID-19 as part of their transfusion?

Why the coverup? 
There are clearly some very bad actors on the scene. Actors who won't be happy with a successful launch of freedom in Georgia. 

There is likely to be a climb in COVID-19 cases in Georgia as a result of the ending of the lockdown but this is a normal and good thing as it will move toward increasing herd immunity through the area.

What is likely to not climb to any significant degree are deaths, since those who know they are at major risk will for the most part self-quarantine.

But the Governor should be prepared for twisted data from the federal government and have advisers on hand to counteract it. Freedom for the people is not the goal of the federal government at this time, if it ever is.


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  1. RW, excellent in the weeds political analysis. But there is no honor among thieves and I am sure Gov. Kemp has his own agenda. He is a politician which means he lies and steals. He did order a shut-down to begin with which is a colossal human rights violation. What we need is a None of The Above campaign for the upcoming elections. Or for those he can't stand the thought of all those empty seats, at least throw out the incumbents who all participated in the covid-19 fraud. From the president to the congress, to the governors to the state legislators to the county supervisors to the mayors and city counsels. A clear and resounding message to the politicians. From the people with love.