Sunday, March 29, 2020

Where to Go to Escape Totalitarianism

David B. emails:
Been working out a thought exercise of an escape from US plan. The thought is essentially if we are in the early stage of an authoritarian lockdown that persists, regardless of the virus, where should I look for an escape route with my family.

Right now, I see no answer. Not only is the virus basically everywhere except the poorest African nations (and I am skeptical of that), the totalitarianism is everywhere too.

If money wasn't an issue, where would you go?

If you were on a budget, but has marketable skills and talent that is not bound by language, where would you go?

Thanks in advance, Avid
RW response:

I have discussed this question before.

For obvious reasons, I am not going to give the specific countries on the top of my list.

I will just say you need to look at second-tier countries whose governments don't have the resources to track their citizenry and police forces that tend to be lax.

I am aware of one country, for example, where license plates on cars are mandatory but more than 50% of the cars on the road don't have them. That is my kind of place.

Think about the type of weather you like and the culture of the people in the region and the type of work you do and whether there will be a fit. It is not a one size fits all.

My guess is that we will get at least one more breath of limited freedom and that time should be used to scout out different countries.



  1. Place with 50% no license plates? Cuba?

  2. Doug Casey and his friends regularly publish thoughts on this topic, with specific recommendations. Examples include the Cayman Islands, Uruguay, and Argentina, which generally meet the criteria that RW has suggested one bear in mind.

  3. What are the "obvious reasons" you won't give the specific countries at the top of your list? Sorry, it's not obvious to me.

  4. What about Mongolia pop 3000000 with area of around the size of western Europe. We could probably sneak in with no one noticing lol.

  5. RW that last statement you wrote is startling. I believe the USA has a lot of ruin left in it. Plus I think the market economy has more productivity surprises. The USA has been at this for 244 years and I'm hoping it has another 200 or 300 years before it collapses into complete totalitarianism. No way to know. We can only wait and see and as Voltaire reportedly said: "Hide well to live well."