Monday, March 30, 2020

Walter Block vs. Richard Epstein

Dr. Walter Block

Walter Block emails:

Dear Bob:

Since you’ve “gotten into it” with Epstein, you might be interested in my debates with, criticisms of, him.

Stay safe.

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  1. I initially was thinking something along the lines of 50k to 100k deaths worldwide and 10k to 20k in the USA. I was feeling pretty good about that until this weekend and the two doctors came out of nowhere saying 100k to 200k deaths. I thought they might have misspoke and meant worldwide deaths, but I guess not. Their estimates still seem pretty high, which would make sense politically as you would want to throw a high number out there and then come in much lower and then be able to pat yourself on the back.

    I have found these whole thing very strange from the beginning. Politicians are almost always reactive and this thing seemed to snowball from doomsday scientific modeling to virtue signalling CEOs, Commissioners, Governors and Mayors.

    I was wondering on where do you currently see this? I am still thinking under 50k for the US and maybe 100k to 200k worldwide. Maybe I am being overly optimistic. But to go from 3k to 100k+ in the next 30 days would mean about 3k a day death count and the current numbers don't seem to indicate that.