Thursday, March 5, 2020

Walter Block to Support Donald Trump in His Reelection Bid

Walter Block
In an open letter calling for President Trump to pardon Ross Ulbricht, Walter Block writes to the president:
In 2015, I was involved in the initiation of two groups in your behalf.

One was “Libertarians for Trump.” I started this along with the late Ralph Raico and Donald Miller. We received about 4000 signatures on this compilation. The other was “Scholars for Trump.” My partners on this were Paul Gottfried and Boyd D. Cathey. You had to have an advanced degree such as a phd or law degree to sign up. This list was begun since it was then widely believed that only dumb rednecks in flyover country would vote for you. We wanted to put paid to that claim. We garnered about 150 signatures on that initiative.

I plan to do something similar this year, as soon as the Democrats choose their candidate.
I'm guessing there will be a Block-Wenzel debate this summer.



  1. If Ulbricht is pardoned, it would be a fantastic use of time. That kid was railroaded.

    1. I agree that was the only good thing about the letter. A plea for justice is the only thing that needed to be in the letter. Not a pledge of support for Trump's corrupt presidency. As if justice could be purchased. Block has turned this letter into a pathetic pledge to help Trump increase the size of his political gang and his power in return for granting one wish. By participating in this disgusting political quid pro quo Block is enabling the political system that put Ulbricht in jail in the first place. A system that should be eliminated. Its sanctifying and institutionalizing of theft and murder needs to be exposed and critiqued if it is ever to be eliminated.

  2. I'm guessing that Drunp is totally unaware of his libertarian support.