Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Small Positives of the COVID19 Government Interventions

Dario writes:
Hi Robert,

I’m a very long time reader and Daily Alert subscriber. You’ve published a few of my emails, comments, and articles on EPJ back before TL was created. Needless to say, your rationality and sanity covering world events is badly needed in this insane world. 

It’s obvious that COVID19 hysteria has consumed the USA and world, providing a ripe environment for statist action to curb individual freedom. During this time I think it’s incredibly important we take the opportunity, right now, to point out whenever possible the slivers of freedom that have emerged during the current mania. My hope is we can create a groundswell of support (and if we’re lucky cognitive dissonance in a lot of minds) that many regulations are unnecessary (e-mail example below of rolling back regulatory burdens on booze); and tangibly demonstrate that government is a roadblock to innovation (FDA regs that slow down development of treatments, etc.).  Something as simple as pointing out the world didn’t end when the Alcohol Bureaucracy didn’t control who could sell a drink to someone in their car.

We should be encouraging the adoption of these rollbacks as far and wide as possible, not only when there’s a global pandemic.

At the federal level, it was obvious to me as I watched Trump’s press conference on March 13 and sat there in disbelief that the entire government response was getting out of the private sector’s way to solve society’s problems.

Your sites continue to be my #1 and #2 stops on the internet. It’s hard to believe I’ve been coming to your site daily for 10 years.
RW response:

Using COVID-19 as a teaching moment is a  great idea.

Also, I am hoping that over time people start getting cabin fever from the lockdown and La RĂ©sistance grows.

Sadly at this time, as I walk the streets of San Francisco, there seems to be pretty much 99% compliance with the lockdown.

There are a couple of rebel operations up and running but they are few and very far between. Like Daniel McAdams, for their protection, I won't reveal the names of the heroic ones.


  1. One positive is that kids are not at government schools or Marxist colleges learning how wonderful statism is. Maybe folks will start to home-school more. Ron Paul should go big advertising his home-school curriculum.

  2. Regarding Dario's comments on Trump's March 13 press conference. I know we are all tempted to hyperbole during this hysteria but this conference did not suggest "that the entire government response was getting out of the private sector’s way to solve society’s problems." In fact Trump actually invoked a National Emergency Act that gives more power and discretion to bureaucrats. He then went on to a long list of regulations that he empowered the HHS to waive at their discretion. This simply proves that the government is far too intrusive and that they are handing out benefits to various crony business. Trump needs to disband his coronavirus Task Force and the CDC and the HHS as a first step in getting the government out of the way.