Monday, March 23, 2020

The Masses Are Stealing Hospital Masks and Heading to the Emergency Room for the Common Cold

Governments have the masses so hyped up about COVID-19 that masks are being stolen from hospitals and many are heading to the emergency room for colds.

So the government-created hysteria is making it even more difficult for crony-connected bureaucratic hospitals that have an incentive right now to cry crisis!

Joshua Bennett  emails:
I thought you might find interesting a text from a friend of mine here in Fairbanks, from his daughter, who is a nurse here.

“ ***** said its madness at the hospital.  They are out of masks, IV bags, gloves and many consumables. She is going to stay in town with another nurse as they have had a lot of patients.  Many are coming in with colds demanding service. She said crazy there. “

“ She said she hoped there wouldn't be any real tragedy as they are out of a lot of stuff. People are coming in and stealing masks. They are going to put guards at the doors.”

She also said, “ I'm thinking of starting to stay with a single coworker so I don't come home and infect the kids.  Not to mention, people are being belligerent.  Demanding to be tested because they have a runny nose.  Like, stay home.  They're infecting all of US, and then stealing the few masks and gloves from the hospital so we're even less protected.  We've had to start locking up our PPE and posting security guards at the entrances.  When I'm at work I get my temp tested twice a shift.”

The last thing my friend said was that his wife was making masks for their daughter.


  1. My wife's been an emergency room nurse for 25 years. They've had to lock up their PPE (personal protective equipment) also to keep it from being pilfered by patients and their family members. However, where she works, the number of patients is actually down somewhat. The thinking is that many people don't want to go to the ER, whether it's out of not wanting to burden the system or fear of catching CV because, "That's where the sick people are" is not known. The hospital has set up a screening tent in the parking lot outside the ED.

  2. Sad. But the health care industry brought this on themselves. They long ago abolished voluntary negotiations with their customers on pricing and quality. Now the only negotiating tool left is belligerence.

    1. I'm not sure it were industry who brought it in rather than politicos pandering to the ignorant and stupid.

  3. Holy Moly! At FMH? I'm ashamed to hear that, Josh. That's disgusting to hear that Alaskan's would fall to such depths so easily. But we are constantly inundated with the message to be afraid, be very afraid! There are young people
    That I work with that are absolutely terrified at the prospect of becoming infected.
    This morning, at our weekly staff meeting, our dear leader let us know that now was not the time to be insistING on our rights, that cooperation is key. Josh, you can probably imagine my reaction. I did let everyone know that it is in a time like this that our rights are more important than ever! But feel like I can't overcome the fear.

    1. No amount of logic will overcome insanity....

      Heck, those people didn't think rationally when there was no panic