Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Kids Aren't Buying the COVID-19 Fear Mongering

They know that the virus is not a serious threat to them.

Tom Dilorenzo writes:
Out of the Frying Pan . . .
 . . and into the fire.  I flew from Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale last night and the flight was packed — every seat taken — mostly with college students going to Fort Liquordale for a week of spring break partying.  Many of them left chilly Baltimore already dressed in shorts, t-shirts and flipflops.  This after their university administrators informed them that school will not reopen after spring break because of the fear of subjecting them to crowded spaces where they might catch the coronavirus.
And then there is this:



  1. And there's this, which I found funny:

    “‘I think that says that MSU students like to get f---ed up, even if there is a virus out here that can infect most of us,’ business junior Kyle Kaufman said. Kaufman was waiting to get into Dublin Square."

  2. The kids are calling it the Boomer Remover

  3. They'll believe it when they go to the store to buy a bottle of water to drink & there is none. 🙄

  4. The kids are behaving like arseorifices. They don't get seriously ill, but they do spread the virus to everone else.