Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Bastards are Closing South Beach; Mayor Declares "Spring Break is Over"

South Beach, Miami Beach Fl.

The most popular stretches of public beach on South Beach are being closed to the public after 4:30 p.m.

The closure started Saturday evening under a new emergency measure related to the coronavirus.

According to the Miami Herald, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared that spring break in Miami Beach was “over” during a Thursday news conference.

City Manager Jimmy Morales enacted emergency measures Saturday to limit the gathering of spring breakers in South Beach by closing the public beaches from Seventh to 10th streets.

How idiotic can you get?

Spring breakers are not at any serious risk from COVID-19, if anything they will have flu-like symptoms for a week. I would think it would be an adventure to dare the flu gods.

As for declaring spring break over, this IS a health hazard.

You really want to pack as many kids into Miami Beach as you can so they are exposed to the sun which will pack them with vitamin D.

Power freaks are about power, not about logic.

They will try and grab every ounce of power they can.



  1. The bastards closed down the ski resorts throughout Colorado too!

    1. I had reservations at Copper Mountain Friday through Monday. Not anymore.

  2. We're implementing safety measures based on what's best for the weakest among us...i.e. based on the lowest common denominator of susceptibility and fragility for all of society. Ridiculous.
    And if I hear one more time the stupid Spock quote, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," I'm going to get violent.

    1. But what about all those 80 year old downhill skiers??

    2. Best chuckle of the day. Thanks, I needed that, Capn.
      Seriously though, our "Leaders" are implementing the exact opposite of the "Spock quote" above, i.e. they are putting the interests of the few (the elderly and the health-compromised) ahead of the many (the rest of society that is not in the high-risk category), because "if it saves just one life"...
      I keep getting hit with the retort "Yeah, but what if those youngsters who are out gallivanting in public, come back and spread the flu to their elderly relatives...that's irresponsible; Having these edicts enforced will protect the vulnerable from that." My response is "Why are we enabling laziness on the part of these elderly and high-risk individuals? Why shouldn't THEY be vetting people on their own, making sure they are not around people who have been going out to social events or large gatherings? THEY'RE the lazy, irresponsible ones, if these high-risk category of people are going out, or being around others who may have been exposed; It's not the low-risk category of people that are irresponsible.

    3. Yes, the most elderly, the most infirm, the least able to care for themselves, MUST take the lead and prevent all these healthy, able-bodied youngsters from comin' round! My frail, 82 year-old mother - who lost her husband of 62 years just six months ago - is such a lazy, irresponsible loser. God, do I hate your guts.