Friday, March 27, 2020

Some Advice for Chicago Libertarians During the Lockdown

Derek F. emails:
Thanks for all you do.  Your sites have been a God-send.

I read your post about Chicago’s Mayor, “The Totalitarian Mayor in Chicago: Do Not Take Long Bike Rides” this morning.

Here’s my reaction.  The mayor and especially the police chief are serious.  I say so as a native of Chicago who’s seen people like this in action.  This is not the time for libertarians or PPSers to buck the system and engage in an open display of civil disobedience.  It would be a very bad idea because 1) the police will arrest you, they’re not bluffing, 2) libertarians and PPSers will look like insensitive knuckleheads who don’t care about the well-being of others, 3) it will be hard to make a difference in the fight for Liberty, Freedom and/or a Private Property Society if you’re sitting in jail or prison, and 4) there are much better ways to protest, your sites are examples of this.  Besides, once this is all over and the government power-freaks are exposed for overreacting, you’ll have more people in Chicago, and other places, more receptive to a message about Liberty, Freedom, and/or a Private Property Society
Ecstatic to be a Former Resident of Chicago
Derek F.


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  1. Have a walking Easter Sunday worship service, and let's see what they do.