Sunday, March 29, 2020

“Public” Health is the Health of the State

By Thomas DiLorenzo

After the worldwide collapse of communism (also known as socialism — same thing) in the late ’80s/early ’90s I asked a Marxist economist at the university where I was employed what he was going to do now — plumber, carpenter, bus driver?  He was very upbeat and felt liberated, he said, because he was no longer associated with all those totalitarian monsters like Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc.
A great many communists took the advice of Robert Heilbroner and became watermelons — “environmentalists” who are green on the outside, red on the inside who use “saving the planet” as their excuse to impose some new version of totalitarian communism on us. “Green New Deal” anyone?
Others jumped on the Cultural Marxist bandwagon and took over all the universities (with few exceptions) and turned them into communist indoctrination academies under various guises like “diversity” and “inclusion,” which were always hammers to be pounded into the skulls of any and all dissenters.
A third category of neo-communism is the “public health” professions.  Yes, there are many employees in all these government agencies who are statisticians and nerds and not ideologues.  And yes, the FDA, NIH, ETC. have often become corrupt tools of crony capitalists which is not exactly the same as communism.  But just look at what their end game has become with this minor cold virus.  These are the people who produce “studies” claiming that gun ownership is a disease — a mental disease.  Their impulse is always to either ban or mandate consumption, especially of vaccines.  The female cheerleaders for mandatory vaccines are, ludicrously, many of the same “feminists” who would scream “my body, my choice!” when it comes to abortion, and then turn around and scream bloody murder at anyone who voices objections to dozens of mandatory vaccinations of first everyone’s children and then everyone in general.  They are the architects and “intellectual” supporters of the totalitarian police state that the U.S. has become in just the past two weeks.  The virus will disappear almost completely with the warmer weather, as the cold and flu season ends, at which point they will tell us that it is not the ultraviolet rays of the sun but their police state that did the trick.  They will pat themselves on the back, the media will cheer them and make them celebrities, and they will therefore be encouraged to declare “health emergencies” ever more often.  “Public” health is the health of the state.
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  1. "Public health" and "public safety" have become the two root passwords to the Constitution. We need to do something decisive to correct this. The one good thing about the current "emergency" is that is it generating a lot of people who now have legal standing to sue on these issues. We need one or more activist conservative constitutional law firms willing to take them on as clients.