Monday, March 9, 2020

Massive Number of Federal Medical Emergency Personnel Deployed to Oakland

With the coronavirus stricken cruise ship, The Grand Princess, scheduled to dock today in the Port of Oakland, federal emergency medical personnel are to be seen everywhere in downtown Oakland inside and around the Marriott and Courtyard Marriott hotels. The hotels are roughly 10 blocks from where the ship will dock.

The personnel came from a variety of federal and state emergency agencies, including National Disaster Medical System Trauma and Critical Care Teams and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

The federal employees were deployed from around the country including Atlanta and Boston.

All personnel was tight-lipped.

When one TCCT agent was asked why she was in Oakland, she said she didn't know.

When one EMSA agent was asked if he was in town to meet the Grand Princess, he said, "No comment."

When one responder was asked if he was going in wearing a mask and gloves, he responded, "I am here to help these people but I am not a fool."

When asked if enough protective gear was brought in for everyone, he replied, "Hey, you know we have supplies stashed all around this country."



  1. A lot of tax dollars for loads of people to sit around doing nothing. Actually that describes government work in general.

  2. The overall government response seems to assume that these actions are costless and that scarcity has been repealed. Instead of quarantining anyone who might have been on the same block as someone who knew someone who had the virus, if they must take some action to try to look useful, then why don't they just focus on quarantining high-risk groups, and let the rest of the population get along with their lives? Governments (e.g., Italy) are getting very close to just shutting down all economic activity.

    1. quarantining high risk groups would be ... you know ... racist. In the modern age victimhood trumps public health.