Sunday, March 29, 2020

Libertarianism and Suicide

Emily Owen
At the post,  Knoxville, TN Has Seen 10% of Its Annual Suicide Rate in Just the Last 48 Hours, a commenter writes:
I think you're taking the wrong position on this... falling for the "poor me, victim mentality".
What happened to integrity or grit?
Despair is a mortal sin, a weakness. Locked in a house and take your own life? That's literally insane, and pathetic, and its by no means "the big bad governments fault" when some despairing maniac offs themselves because of what in reality is a very minor oppression (when put in rational context to history.)

Anyone who despairs because they have to eat take out or wait in line for groceries is seriously disordered. Hopefully their family or priest will counsel & reassure them . We all face adversity. Seriously, time to offer it up & grow up.
There is nothing in libertarianism that says one can not be fragile.

It may make sense to have strong fortitude toward life and learn to deal with blows that come one's way, and some (all?) religions may teach that suicide is a sin, but this has nothing to do with libertarianism.

Libertarianism is about the non-aggression principle, that is, you leave me alone and I will leave you alone.

The only ones violating libertarianism during the current COVID-19 panic are the governments that impose lockdowns and prevent private people from going about their business.

I can't imagine the emotional turmoil a person must be going through who chooses to commit suicide in the face of the lockdown.

The British teen Emily Owen, who committed suicide because of the lockdown in England, was diagnosed with “high-functioning autism.” She was probably struggling all her life with trying to fit in, and might have been well on the road to better understanding herself in relation to others when the bastard Boris Johnson shutdown all her relationships.

I put her death directly on the shoulders of Johnson. It wouldn't have happened in a libertarian world. There will be others.

Religions may have different things to say about her suicide but this site is about libertarianism, not religion. The only one blocking freedom in the current environment of COVID-19 panic is the state.

If there are people who want to condemn Emily, in a free world they can do that, but the government is the one that stopped her from having her freedom.



  1. Yes that was my post you quoted & I just responded to Anon who called me a "dangerous heartless SOB".

    I understand this site is about libertarianism , not religion, but libertarianism as far as I know doesn't exclude religion (in my case Catholicism) or it's tenants- they actually seem to fit together fine, (i.e. the Just War Doctrine, by Catholic Saint Augustine.)

    As I told Anon,
    I never said that I support this absurd lockdown or closing any business. I don't. That doesn't mean that a 'stay at home order' has killed anyone. It hasn't. I don't support this tyranny by the govt, and I don't people resorting to suicide, then sites like yours treating them as martyrs. As if they had no say in their choice of suicide. If it's that unbearable for someone, why don't they buck the order & have a freedom rally, as Ron Paul alluded to?

    Things are gonna get much much worse in this country & i think that lovers of liberty have to encourage folks to resist & persevere, not fold & immediately fall into despair.

    1. Yes the stay at home order is killing people!

      I don't know what universe you live in but when you enforce with threat of violence the fake crime of simply existing by locking every person in the country away in their homes as criminals than it is the cause of the killing. They precisely are martyrs because their death would not have occurred without the state's arbitrary and immoral action.

      Also, their is more death to the actual disease itself because the WORST ENVIRONMENT for being infected is in enclosed spaces:

      Finally, how to propose we're going to organize a "freedom rally" when we are prevented from meeting and organizing with anyone outside the home? A lone wolf who "bucks the order" is nothing more then a sitting duck.

      As a vet of the Iraq war I know what this "lockdown" is: population control.

      It just galls me to see the victims of state violence so callous and mercilessness insulted. We should have sympathy for the hundreds of millions those who lives will be ruined if not ended by this totalitarian police state martial law.

  2. Let freedom of choice naturally bloom and exist. The fewer choices we have, i.e. the less freedom, then the less flourishing of mankind. Not all of us are as strong and resilient as Ann Frank, who hunkered down for, like, two years in a room with her family and some strangers thrown in. I can't even imagine doing this for another month, let alone two more years (I'm in Michigan, where our brainless Governor shut down the economy and practically imprisoned everyone).

  3. "Despair is a mortal sin."

    Tough Guy over here wasn't paying attention to the priest.

    The sin of despair is to think yourself so rotten that not even God could forgive you. It's a form of Pride. It attempts to elevates your human wickedness above God's love.

    While this poor girl may have sinned by killing herself, it appears she did not do so because she thought herself unforgivable.

    It sounds to me like she got overwhelmed, panicked and did something rash.

    No one is going to kill themselves "because of the lockdown" but some people at the margin who might have already been thinking about it will be nudged over edge. But not you. You're tough and that's why God loves you.

    1. Your sin has nothing to do with your action but everything to do with your trust of yourself and not God.

      God does not love you because of any redeeming quality you have. If you read the bible, it is clear you have none. You are a complete and total sinner in and of yourself.

      The only reason God loves you or anyone else for that matter is on account of the fact that Jesus Christ died for your sins. That and that reason alone is why God loves you and all the rest of His children.

    2. Did God love us before Jesus died for our sins? Guess we sure called His bluff on that one eh?

  4. I agree that suicide is morally reprehensible. But not all people, probably including this woman, have the moral upbringing or the fortitude to withstand the pressure of living alone caused by the government. Not all people have made preparation, not all have family to fall back on, not all have the foresight and insight to withstand the consequences the government has caused. Have some empathy for the unwitting victims.