Sunday, March 1, 2020

Is Tulsi Gabbard Heading to Fox News as a Contributor After Her Presidential Run?

Tulsi Gabbard
During Sunday nights panel discussion at CNN after the Joe Biden victory in the South Carolina primary, the topic of Tulsi Gabbard campaign came up and the question was asked why she was staying in the race. Andrew Yang said she wasn't running to win but had a different agenda.

When several asked what that agenda might be, Anderson Copper piped up that maybe it is to become a Fox News contributor. Cooper than walked back the statement a bit and said he had no direct knowledge that this was going to occur but I had heard this rumor long ago from a source that knows things. I hinted at it way back in October of last year when I wrote in a post:
[D]on't think her current presidential run is the last you will see of Gabbard on the national stage.
In fact, you are likely to see even more of her on television.
Stay tuned..

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