Sunday, March 1, 2020

How Joe Biden Could Beat Trump Despite His Sliding Mental Ability

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden (77) rarely makes it out of a campaign rally these days without a major gaffe. He has confused Margaret Thatcher with Theresa May and Angela Merkel, referred to the Second Amendment as the First, and mixed up his campaign website with a text-message code.

A couple of days ago he said he was running for the Senate. During the recent debate, he said that 150 million Americans were killed by guns since 2007. And he said his late son, Beau, was Attorney General of the United States.

Joe has known for awhile he is losing it.

 “I want to be clear: I’m not going nuts,” he declared at a campaign stop last summer.

But Joe is apparently likable and had a great showing in the South Carolina primary on Saturday where voters chose his incoherency over the coherent socialist Bernie Sanders and a distant pack of mad dogs.

Since the Democratic establishment is in an "Anybody But Bernie" mode, they will ride any candidate that shows some life, even if such a candidate couldn't beat Chauncey Gardner:


I doubt Biden could beat Gardner.

But here is how he could beat President Trump:

First off, he would need to pick an impressive vice-presidential candidate. The VP doesn't need to be black, Joe has that vote wrapped up, but a female would help. Someone that you could picture with poise helping Joe through the pledge of allegiance or nuclear codes, if he gets stuck.

And then the Biden campaign would have to focus talking points for Biden surrogates on the idea that Biden is going to surround himself with a very powerful team of biggie names. The campaign should spread the word that Joe knows how to run teams, that this is his strength, to bring a team to a consensus in contrast to Trump who seems to do things on impulse without consultation.

That is voters would be electing 'the wise "Team Biden" over Trump. The wise men would wisely advise Joe and keep him from, say, ordering a US military attack on the Virgin Islands.

I am not necessarily supporting Joe over Trump (or vice versa) but this is how I see Biden being able to beat Trump.