Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Does COVID-19 Really Kill People?

I am beginning to think a good chunk of the panic around COVID-19 is a failure to understand how it functions.

In a very important sense, it does not appear to be a stand-alone killer.

A mixture of ingredients is required for it to be part of a killing team. 

In the same way that the treatment for COVID-19 may require a cocktail of drugs, COVID-19 does not appear to be able to kill alone.

A good way to think about it may be like this. 

If someone pours gasoline all over you, it is not a good thing. But if you go home, throw away your clothes and take a shower, it is the end of the problem.

On the other hand, if someone strikes a match and throws it at you when you are doused with gasoline, it is a big problem.

COVID-19 is probably like this in that the dousing (the infection) itself does not kill, but cells of those who have serious chronic illnesses act as a match that starts the killing process.

I don't want to over do the analogy but if we think about it in these terms, COVID-19 becomes a lot less threatening. It is those with serious chronic illnesses who must be very careful (and probably not even healthy elderly need to be concerned ).



  1. Yea. That’s why making everyone stay home is so draconian. Isolate the people with the underlying issues. Let those that are scared self quarantine. The rest of us can go on with a closer to normal life. Masks would be great if everyone wore them.

    This whole episode is a perfect demonstration for the failures of centralized planning. You got a bunch of sanctimonious Karen’s out there for a police force.

    1. But we live in an egalitarian morocracy and that would cause a total meltdown of all those pea-brained busybodies.

    2. That is a great idea. Like you have a relative (rich, you just do not like them --- whatever) so you go out, get infected, and come home and infect / kill said relative.

      What other great ideas do you have?

      Frankly though I agree. We should encourage everyone to socialize as much as possible, cause the world needs fewer stupid people

  2. Fear is the health of the state.

    The best defense against pathogens is a strong immune system. All that have died and probably all that have become seriously ill from C-19 had conditions that compromised their immune system.

    Most people know that the health of a person’s immune system is affected by life style, including nutrition, physical activity and mental outlook. Those that have studied health certainly do, including the likes of Fouci and others at the alpha bit soup health bureaucracies. So why is it that none of their solutions will strengthen peoples immune systems?

    They also know that vaccines for corona viruses are not very effective especially in the elderly and other with compromised immune systems because they do not develop antibodies as well as heathy individuals. So why all the talk about developing a vaccine?

    If the powers that should not be were concerned for our health they would not be keeping people from going to parks and beaches where they can enjoy a less stressful and healthy environment. They would be recommending what studies in their own databases have found. In this time that people are actually listening to them they do not make a concerted effort to emphasize what will be most effective for peoples health, but what will cause the most fear. Because fear is the health of the state.

  3. While there are likely other reasons, it seems that pneumonia is the actual cause of death. I suppose if I were a medical professional, I might understand why pneumonia cannot be successfully treated or under what circumstances, if any, it can. Complications of coronavirus is what kills. Minimizing the threat and the dead by speaking of percentages instead of number of humans, while I love stats and numbers, is likely a form of denial and attempt to push one's own narrative.

    1. Yeah, we all should sit under house arrest and millions should go jobless and eventually homeless because likes of you don't like percentages and prefer meaningless "numbers of humans". Apparently your feelings trump reason and clear thinking because thousand dead is scaaaary. Never mind it happens every day and it's nothing unusual.

  4. I echo this mindset...

    What I have been trying to tell my family and friends is that key information of 'deaths due to virus' is not including if patients had other ailments.

    Two quick celebrity examples:

    CBS news reporter Maria Mercuder:
    Maria was 54 and died from coronavirus in a New York hospital. She had been on medical leave for an unrelated matter since the last week in February.

    Maria fought cancer and related illnesses for more than 20 years, and was an inspiration each time she returned to work after a setback threatened to end her life.

    Got that?
    She had a history of ailments.

    The loss life is a terrible experience for love ones and to a community.
    But I will start believe this is a pandemic when the CDC starts publishing seasonal flu deaths...

  5. I find this to be one of the better assessments thus far:

    He is pointing out there is a baseline number of deaths per day of people infected with viruses in this category. That baseline is not zero but instead is something very close to the worst case scenario for covid19. And it is simply part of what is considered normal.

  6. Robert,

    I think you are correct and I think the cause is Cytokine Storm Syndrome. It's a condition not widely understood by the medical community and if you do not treat it FIRST, death is likely.

    What's happening is after the first week, as the virus leaves the body, the immune system goes haywire and produces a Cytokine Storm, as well as pneumonia.

    Most doctors, unaware of CSS, only see the pneumonia and therefore put the patient on a ventilator. But because they aren't treating the CSS, the patient continues to deteriorate until death.

    Here is a link to relevant information:


  7. The Corona Virus Pandemic was caused by Counterfeiting. So-called "Monetary Policy" has inflated the entire Global Economy into the greatest Ponzi Bubble ever produced and the signs of its imminent collapse are now undeniable and obvious.

    This collapse would have been blamed on the counterfeiters (Central Banks) that caused it. But not now. Now it can be blamed on the Corona Virus and the Central Bankers have generously offered to save the world by issuing even more counterfeit fiat currency. The Corona Virus itself is nothing more than a standard flu being hyped by the MSM to provide cover for monetary corruption and a Police State.

    The economic catastrophy might also provide an opportunity to rid us of the infamous orange-top scary man, altogether a win-win for statists, and thus advance us even further down the road to poverty and slavery for all.

    History is boring - it always ends the same, with a small group of vastly powerful parasites first educating, then robbing and enslaving everyone else. I wish we could change the channel.

    1. I agree to a large extent that the inevitable economic downturn, virus or no virus, is a big part of this crisis not going to waste for the banksters. They were eventually going to have to do something radical. COVID-19 gives them a direction t point their fingers.