Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID-19 in Perspective in Italy

Italy now has more COVID-19 related deaths than Hubei, China. It is, by far, the epicenter of the disease in Europe

But if you look at the numbers, you really have to wonder what the panic is about.

Between the 2013-2014 flu season and the 2016-2017 flu season, according to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, on average 5,290,000 per season had been infected with the flu.

On average, there were 17,000 flu-related deaths per season.

The current COVID-19 situation in Italy is:

Confirmed cases: 47,021 (actual number could be larger)
Number of deaths attributed to COVID-19: 4,032

What is the panic about?



  1. The panic was created by the governments to see how easily the population could be manipulated into utter subservience. It must have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

    1. Yep. I agree that you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Interesting that it says Italians were shown to have more susceptibility to influenza than other countries. My initial thought, when I heard Italy was being hit hard, was "that makes sense: they kiss each other at all greetings and partings." Northern countries don't have the same tradition. Does it have to do with learned illness prevention in harder climates, perhaps? I need to call my anthropologist...

    1. If greeting kisses is the culprit then Mexico's in trouble. Mexico city has just begun to feel the brunt of it with 2 deaths this week, neither victim travelled anywhere.

    2. I read on LRC that Mexico is not shutting down. I bet that's the smart move.

  3. "What is the panic about?"

    It is about pushing various agendas through. UBI is already in place now, as is MMT. Cashless society with pervasive surveillance is almost here (social credit).

  4. Death rates:
    Flu: 0.32%
    Italy: 8.58%

    The 8.26% increase is the reason for panic.

    I am only a little more concerned about C-19 than the flu. Too early, too many unknowns, too much miss-information and I do not trust the information circus.

    1. Alex this is completely incorrect. The flu death rate number you are referencing includes ESTIMATED CASES. The Italy death rate number does not.

      If you the same CONFIRMED CASES number for the flu that you are using for Italy Covid-19, do you know what the result would be?

      I will let you look it up so you can experience truth yourself.


    2. The Contractor,

      I substantially agree with your comment, but in answering RW's question I am not “completely incorrect”.

      Please see some of my previous comments in the context of the data:
      Using only the available stats for COVID-19: infected, recovered, deaths, etcetera will be miss-leading. Look at the CDC’s stats on SARS and MERS. After years of compiling stats they still have large ranges for how many people were affected. Look at the previous TL post “Is the Current COVID-19 Testing Designed to Create Panic?” that illustrates one of the issues with information about the virus.

      A sober evaluation would look at the data available for past corona virus outbreaks. Compare that info with COVID-19 both chronologically and biologically. Evaluate the similarities and differences and qualify their determinations, predictions, etcetera.

      I am not aware of such an evaluation.
      There is a big problem with the accuracy of the information about Covid-19. Testing methods and implementation differ widely from country to country and likely for regions within each country. There are reports that in the USA the CDC has been withholding testing.

      We may never get accurate information on this Coronavirus (COVID-19, AKA: SARS-CoV-2). If we ever do it will probably take years.
      He [Fauci] should also know based on history that the stats available now are very incomplete and inflate the death rates, and therefore the danger, because they under report the infection rate.

      We need to know why Fauci considers the situation so much more dire now than it was a month ago.

  5. Italy has the 2and oldest population on earth and they're all smokers.