Sunday, March 22, 2020

CENSORSHIP by Medium of Analysis of Covid-19 Spread and Policy

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, sent me a link to an essay at Medium about the spread of COVID-19 and the proper policy.

He wrote:
Best thing I've seen on covid-19...Long but worth reading:
The author of the piece, Aaron Ginn, using data from the CDC, WHO, etc., after detailed analysis reached the conclusion that:
When you consider the environment COVID-19 prefers, isolating every family in their home is a perfect situation for infection and transmission among other family members. Evidence from South Korea and Singapore shows that it is completely possible and preferred to continue on with life while making accommodations that are data-driven, such as social distancing and regular temperature checks...

The COVID-19 hysteria is pushing aside our protections as individual citizens and permanently harming our free, tolerant, open civil society. Data is data. Facts are facts. We should be focused on resolving COVID-19 with continued testing, measuring, and be vigilant about protecting those with underlying conditions and the elderly from exposure. We are blessed in one way, there is an election in November. Never forget what happened and vote.
It was a well thought out piece. You can debate it if you choose, but, again, it used data from sources such as CDC and WHO and took a reasoned approach.

Given the amount of hysterical commentary from mainstream media, which in many cases is extremely misleading, I found the piece a refreshing alternative thought piece. There is a lot more right about the article than wrong and the conclusion was spot on.

But the popular essay publishing site, Medium, took it down.

This is what you now find at the link:

Got that?

An essay using top government data that comes to conclusions not in line with the panic narrative is taken down.

How outrageous can it get?

We now apparently can't debate draconian measures by governments to lock us down.

Stay six feet away from each other and just smile at each other, no talking about substance!

The author of the essay admits in the paper that he is not an expert in the field:
You may ask yourself. Who is this guy? Who is this author? I’m a nobody. That is also the point. The average American feels utterly powerless right now. I’m an individual American who sees his community and loved ones being decimated without given a choice, without empathy, and while the media cheers on with high ratings.
All he does is make a reasoned case.

It should be debated, not banned.

Heroically, Zero Hegde has reposted the piece here.

Again, I don't think the paper is perfect but there is a lot right about the paper, points that just aren't being made by mainstream media.



  1. Let's hope that statnews has the guts to leave the following article up:

  2. This is the RIGHT QUESTION we need to be asking right now.....

    "Writes Jim Fedako:


    Here’s my COVID-19 update.

    At a press conference ten days ago, Ohio governor DeWine and his chief medical officer said there were, at that time, 100,000 Ohioans with the virus. 100K.

    Based on that number he shuttered the state.

    Most of those infected would have fully incubated by today, yet only three (3) Ohioans have died with the virus (they may have died from something else, but they tested for the virus at the time of their death), with another 247 active cases (ones that rose to the level of seeking medical attention and warranting a test).

    Assuming the Ohio number was a valid estimate, then the virus has a very low mortality rate.

    Keep in mind the CDC said as many as 95,000 Americans died from the seasonal flu two years ago (that’s the CDC high estimate, the midrange is 61k).

    And, through March 14, another 23k to 59k Americans have died from the flu this season.

    We need to ask why we (the people) are allowing the state to close businesses, leave neighbors without jobs, delay medical services for those in need, etc.? Real people are being irreparably harmed.

    Why are Trump, DeWine and others doing this?

    Why are we allowing them to do it?""

  3. "We need to ask why we (the people) are allowing the state to close businesses, leave neighbors without jobs, delay medical services for those in need, etc.? Real people are being irreparably harmed." Great question. Mass civil disobedience is the only answer. But for this to happen many people are going to have to realize that the political structure of government that has been allowed to grow is the source of the hysteria. This system incentivizes politicians and bureaucrats to create crises where none exist and use might makes right to enhance their own power. This political process is destructive of human well being but because it generates fear and misunderstanding it is difficult for individuals to stand up to it. Take strength in the knowledge that might makes right actions always harm people. Voluntary transactions always generate win/win results.

  4. The financial reset is underway and while the Idiocracy is distracted by the released bio-weapon the culprits responsible for the crash are looking like heroes as the DOJ totalitarian noose tightens around everyone's neck.

    1984 American Style