Thursday, March 12, 2020

An On the Ground Report From Italy

As a follow-up to the post, Italy and the Coronavirus,  Maria Missiroli comments:
From Italy: It depends on how you count deathes. The large numbers in Italy are due to people with serious and cronic pathologies and positive to the test, counted as "coronavirus" deaths. It is not hospitals that are overwhelmed (they are actually quite empty those days) but intensive care units, which are small and get overwhelmed also in normal years over the flu.
It is all a matter of perception and fear propaganda. Since we have descended now in a sort of police state situation (even parks are closed and you need to justify the reason for not being at home) you would think we had at least, let's guess, one million dead perhaps? No, it's one thousand people in several weeks, mostly old, with underlying serious conditions, labeled "coronavirus" simply for a test.
When several British members of parliament and even ministers (same in Italy) are found positive to a test, it means that a large slice of the population would test positive. But there is no increase in the death rate, nothing special is happening, nobody has one in the family.
Really crazy times

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  1. The world is trying to salvage the new world order with the massive fear mongering. A virus is a natural decentralization process that they they want no part of.