Sunday, February 9, 2020

Will Socialists Be Allowed to Dance and Sing?...

Slavoj Žižek
...or will it be considered a waste of a nation's resources for such things to go on?

“This is succch a brrrrutal irrrony! Never in my life did I dance or sing, it’s the obscenity of gesturrre, I cannot do it” replies socialist philosopher Slavoj Žižek when asked, “isn’t there a dance music club named after you in Buenos Aires?”

With this kind of perspective, how can society allow it when the "greater good" is concerned? Should a socialist society really devote resources to dance and song?

More to the point, who gets to determine such things in a socialist society?

Is it the majority? How is this not tyranny by the majority?

And, why is such a socialist system better than freedom?



  1. To channel Dean Wormer: under Socialism there will be no fun of any kind.

    1. Exactly. It's a political philosophy borne out of a hatred for men who are having a better time at life.

    2. The country will end up being a re-enactment of Footloose