Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Why I Hope Trump Doesn't Attack Socialism Tonight in His State of the Union Address

Combover man is going to deliver the State of the Union address tonight.

Word is that he will attack socialism and link it to the Democrats. There is a problem with this.

I am as anti-socialist as you can get (SEE: Foundations of Private Property Society) but the last thing capitalists need is a shallow street hustler defending private property and free markets.

It is the kids who are falling for socialism and they think the buffoon Trump is a member in good standing of free markets. When they see him attack socialism, they will harden their views on it.

But from tariffs to attacking the Fed for not lowering interest rates more, Trump is actually much more in line with central planning socialists than he is free-market advocates.

When they reject Trump, the kids will not realize they are rejecting one of their own.


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  1. So right! The Idiocrat in Chief should not be throwing stones as an idiot in a glass house.