Monday, February 10, 2020

Trump's Revenge: He is Going to Blow Up the Democratic Party

Watch the first seven minutes of this clip.

This is what Rudy Giuliani has been up to. President Trump and Giuliani are not only going to blow up the Bidens but they are going to dirty the entire Democratic Party.


The Democrats were absolutely idiotic in going after Trump the way they did. Trump really wanted to do crony deals with the Democrats but they were just furious that he beat Hillary.

Now, it is going to be Trump's turn for revenge and the Democrats should remember what Roy Cohn said about Trump, "He pisses ice water."

That said, I don't mind a good dose of political destruction but let's hope it is not so good that the Republicans take back the House in November. I want split party rule and gridlock so that the ever-expanding government machine is slowed down some.



  1. The old criminals club going after others in the old criminals club. I hope they destroy each other. Gang of thieves.

  2. Night of the Long Knives, redux...

  3. Trump's got to watch out for Bloomberg, don't you think? Independent streak with billions of dollars. He scares the heck out of me with his raving mad statism.